The Truth About Doing it All! 3 Ways to Keep from Going It Alone

Make Event Planning Easier: Asking Others for Help

Sometimes, the hardest part of pulling it all together is letting some of it go.

Sure, tools like VIP Passes and promotional stickers can help smooth over some of the rough edges, but the bigger the gathering, the more particulars you have to organize. Whether you’re detail-oriented, or a big picture thinker, calling on others to help you keep it together before things start falling apart is a smart way to increase ticket sales, avoid problems, and ensure the success or your event.

I’ve learned this lesson myself: In business, as in any big endeavor that involves a lot of people, it’s neither smart nor efficient to do everything yourself. Even if you believe you can do it yourself, or don’t think others will accomplish tasks in the same way that you would, or with the same degree of success, it just doesn’t make sense not to delegate.

“Never be afraid to ask for advice from people who’ve done similar things.”

For the last 7 years, Alanna Foell of the Canadian group The BBB and her brother have organized a day long music festival to raise money for cancer research in memory of their mother, who lost her life to breast cancer. Her advice is perfect for those just starting out, but shouldn’t be discounted even if you have experience. It’s a lot easier to learn from other’s mistakes than to go out and make your own.

Whether you’re organizing a camping trip or an art show, you can always find someone who’s done it before and ask for her opinion. There’s always something new to learn or something new to try. Someone else’s experience could be the key to your success.

More Tips from Alanna:

  • Start Early
  • Learn from Your Mistakes
  • Embrace Change

“Delegate, as you cannot do it alone.”

Sharleen of the UK group Boadicea Dance Crew helped organize an event to celebrate the group’s 2-year anniversary, thank those who helped them get there, raise money for a local hospital, and to have fun. They succeeded on all counts. At the end of the night, she recalls that even the DJ, the venue staff, and the security team wanted the party to keep going.

Their party exemplified the idea that it took a lot of people to get where they were. To further their mission to inspire young people and grow artistically, they required the help of many sponsors. And to throw such a memorable party, they needed the help of many participants.

More Advice from Sharleen:

  • Thank Your Supporters
  • Remember Where You Came From
  • Make Lists to Cover More Ground
“Make sure you have people who support you.”

Australian customer Jacinta Griffiths owns The Lotus Hut, an online women’s clothing boutique. To celebrate her first year in business, she held her own fashion show, which helped her connect with local customers. It gave her a chance to show off her stock in a way that just wasn’t possible online: on actual, living, breathing models.

To help ensure her success, she asked her friends and family to surround her in this endeavor: the people who cared for her success were present both physically and emotionally. By showing up and offering encouragement, they provided some much-needed emotional support. Her loved ones helped to lift her up before she got too far down.