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Laurent Chekroun Is The Kencoin Founder, A Coin-Dedicated To The Online Adult Industry. Can You Please Explain Us What Does It Mean Exactly?

The dating industry and all activities related to sex or pornography over the internet have always been a major opportunity of growth. Our team background are in the financial markets, the online gaming and the acquisition of new clients and relationship in all these areas. This big melting pot of experience, profile and personality make us able to succeed in a thought environment as the adult industry.
Our goal is to create that will be the reference in term of transaction in the adult industry.
reference for payment on website but also with the use of a wallet to pay in shops and clubs.

Kencoin will be a bridge between the real economy and cryptocurrencies

How are you convincing new partners to start accepting the Kencoin?

Partnerships are a big part of our model

Our partners will need a reliable platform with instant liquidity and a stable price of the Kencoin. Our financial background and our capacity to process money payments will be a major part of our business plan. This financial background is a masterpiece of this solution. The final client will buy Kencoin to spend them and partners will receive them as payment, our part of the job will be to make sure that’s this process will be as smooth and transparent as possible. Managing a liquidity pool and operate all these transactions will be part of our day to day process.

What is the market size and how big do you think the Kencoin can become?

The Sex toy industry is $15bil business industry according to Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo (ANME), with projections that it will surpass $50 billion by 2020.” in the U.S., the dating industry generates approximately $2 billion in revenue each year and expanded at an annual rate of 5% between 2010 and 2015. There is different aspect of the Adult that can easily brink another couple of billions. The total of this industry can easily reach 20 to 25bil. There is no real statistic on Escort business but this is even bigger. Cryptocurrency will be a huge accelerator for this industry and will accelerate growth numbers in an exponential way.

Would it be able to replace FIAT currency in the future?

The huge expansion of central bank balance sheet is an issue in most of our countries.
I don’t think that FIAT Currencies would disappear but their use will be less important as most of central bank are trying to make cash disappear.

Cryptocurrency is the bst answer to that move and the development of crypto has never been so important that since the” central banks are accelerating this move to ban cash.

Cash has been for centuries a safe and anonymous way of interacting in many industries…now we need another solution…Kencoin is one of these solutions.

Where did you find the inspiration to launch this innovative currency?

Bitcoins Ether, Crypto is not q new story for us, I have started to mine a few years ago but I felt that this was not for me or either too soon.

We have monitored that things were changing in the last few months. We are involved in our day-to-day activity in finance to all these changes about cash, gold, and new currencies and Crypto has been evidence.

We choose the sector of adult entertainment not only by pleasure but because this is one of the biggest areas of growth for such a solution.