New Employees

4 Ways to Warmly Welcome New Employees

The way you welcome new employees can set the mood for their entire time working for your company. Right now, there is so much talk about toxic work environments and burnout in the news that you want to create a company culture that avoids all of this. One way to do that is by warmly welcoming new employees and being genuine with them.

Instead of simply throwing them into onboarding training to watch videos and take other courses, you should make an effort to have the new employee feel welcomed and part of the team.

Schedule a Team Lunch

To make your new employee feel welcomed and part of the team, it’s a good idea to host a lunch with the team members they’ll be working with closely. This is an excellent chance for them to network and start forming relationships with their colleagues while also feeling excited to get to know everyone in the office.

Having a strong team bond is important for productivity and communication. So, try to schedule team-building activities throughout the year, not just a lunch every time you hire someone new.

Gift Some Office Supplies

Most people aren’t really sure what to show up with on their first day of a new job. They might have a pen and notebook with them, but you can make them feel even more welcomed with a gift of branded office supplies.

Set up some pens, notebooks, a calendar, a lanyard, and other supplies they might need on their desk. This extra touch will make them feel at home and excited to get to work with such a thoughtful team of people.

One-on-One Training

Starting a new job is always a bit overwhelming. Sometimes watching course videos and reading through employee manuals simply isn’t enough to fully understand what needs to be done in the role and how to do it effectively.

For the first few weeks, offer one-on-one training or check-in meetings to see how the new employee is managing everything. Companies like the Health & Safety Institute can provide the tools you need to create a one-on-one training schedule. This is their time to ask any questions that they may have and learn some new skills for how to do their job more effectively.

Streamlined Onboarding Process

The onboarding process for a new employee can be stressful, especially if it isn’t organized or streamlined. Before you begin hiring new employees for your company, it’s important to have a thorough and effective onboarding process. This is to avoid long wait times for a work email, badge, and other important assets your employees need to do their job.

Work with your hiring manager to ensure your new employee will receive everything they need within the first week of starting their job. This will keep employee morale up and prove to them that the company is organized and on top of problems when they arise.