Want to Look Good on Campus? Here Are Some Style Tips for Students

One of the fun ways of making the tough life of a student more enjoyable is to dress up each day and express yourself through style. Students tend to be open-minded and accepting, which is perfect if you want to experiment with fashion while earning your qualifications. Whether you finally feel free enough to dress how you want or you are thinking about reinventing your style, college is the perfect time to do it.

Consider Your Storage Space

If you plan to live on or near your college campus, you’ll need to think about how much storage space you may or may not have. Most students aren’t fortunate enough to be blessed with an abundance of wardrobe space for their clothing and possessions. College dorms and student apartments tend to be incredibly minimal in their storage provisions, which means that you’ll have to be discerning as to what you deem worthy of coming to school with you.

Remember Your Budget

Students are not known for their deep pockets. It is tough making ends meet during your studies and therefore you may find it difficult to put money aside for new clothes and style accessories. If you still want to express yourself through fashion, however, it isn’t impossible. Shop at thrift stores and share clothes with friends. You can also learn to sew, meaning that thrift store finds can be transformed into outfit essentials. Just because you’re living on a student budget doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish.

Think Practically

Remember that time at college flies by, particularly each semester and year. If you have just started, you most likely won’t be staying in the same place for the entire duration of your studies as you’ll possibly make new friends and move in with them next year. Similarly, you might have a complete change of mind. For example, if you’ve looked at and are now planning to transfer colleges, it probably isn’t a good idea to start building up your new wardrobe until after you have moved. Keep your luggage lightweight and portable until you have a more settled lifestyle. This means maintaining a more pared-back and efficient wardrobe. Don’t worry, you can still make a limited closet work for you.

Stay Comfortable

Studying often involves a lot of sitting for hours on end, perhaps moving between lectures and seminars. When putting together your outfits, bear in mind the need to stay comfortable and mobile. This doesn’t necessarily mean compromising your style or self-expression, of course. Think about materials and cuts that make it easier for you to relax physically as this will help you improve your focus when studying.

Be Playful

As mentioned already, college is a great opportunity for people to learn about themselves and try new things. This includes playing with your style and coming up with new outfit ideas that you maybe wouldn’t have tried before. There’s no need to be self-conscious or embarrassed about expressing yourself and enjoying your time as a student.