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Maintaining an Organized Office Space

Keeping an office space tidy and organized is not only visually appealing for employees who spend a major portion of their time each week in this space, but is likely to improve productivity around the office as well. It is easy for employee desks and common areas to become cluttered with office supplies, work material, and personal belongings.

Here are some tips for keeping a tidy workspace that also prioritizes the comfort of your employees.

Open Windows

Opening curtains or blinds to allow natural light to come through can be both visually appealing and beneficial for employee well-being, as working in direct sunlight can be a mood booster and help avoid headaches associated with bright or fluorescent office lighting.

Organize Clutter

Encouraging employees to bring personal belongings can improve office morale and employee productivity if they are working in a space that feels comfortable to them, but it is easy for desks to become messy when too many things pile up. Providing employees with storage bins or shelves near their desks can help them get organized.

Keep Snacks Handy

Keeping a well-stocked kitchen can save employees the stress of bringing (and dealing with the consequences of forgetting) snacks, coffee, and other food and beverages from home.

Keeping an organized, designated kitchen area that is consistently stocked with employee favorites can be a game-changer in the office. Companies like Capitol Kitchen and Bath can help to install spacious cabinets that reflect the interior design style of your office and give employees an organized space to access food and drinks. 

Add a Standing Desk

Giving employees the option of utilizing a standing desk encourages movement around the office. This allows co-workers to interact with one another to improve communication and collaboration. Working from a standing desk also gives employees a break from their desks which can be helpful if they are feeling stuck while working on a difficult project.

Use Comfortable Furniture

Comfortable office furniture, like computer chairs, is an extremely important tool for maximizing productivity around the office. Comfortable chairs allow for better posture and less discomfort that would typically make an employee want to leave their desk. Better furniture means happier employees and higher productivity rates.

Use Labels

Labeling items and storage components around the office can help employees find what they need and can help prevent items from ending up where they shouldn’t. Having a label maker on hand can also allow employees to label personal items that are being stored in common spaces. This is a small but effective way to promote organization and tidiness in the workplace.