How to Help Your Restaurant Survive Covid-19

The pandemic has had severe consequences for all sorts of businesses in the past couple of years. One area of business that has been particularly hard-hit is restaurants. The inability to mask while eating and the tendency of restaurants to require people to spend time inside around other people has made restaurants undesirable destinations during the pandemic.

However, some restaurants have been able to thrive despite Covid. Here are a few tips to help your restaurant adapt to survive the ebbs and flows during the pandemic:

Build a Patio

Eating outside is much safer than eating inside. Furthermore, more seating makes it easier for your patrons to social distance. If your restaurant doesn’t already have a patio, then building one is a priority.

Even a very small patio can provide a couple of extra seats and security for patrons who may not feel comfortable dining inside. As an added advantage, a beautiful brick patio by a professional company like Brickworks can improve the look of your restaurant and attract more patrons.

Offer Delivery and Takeout

If your restaurant doesn’t already offer delivery and takeout, then providing these services should be high on your priority list in the age of Covid-19. Many people have a fair amount of disposable income which they’d be happy to spend on a great meal from a restaurant, but they may not feel safe actually going out into public or sitting down in a restaurant.

Delivery and takeout options are the perfect solutions, allowing people to enjoy the food your restaurant cooks without having to take a risk with Covid exposure. You can have a couple of your waiters or busboys take on double-duty as delivery drivers or take advantage of a service like Uber Eats.

Offer Family Meal Discounts

More of your potential customers are eating at home with their families than ever before. However, this doesn’t mean that they necessarily want to cook every night.

Offering family meals enables families to take advantage of quality cooking from your restaurant at a reduced price compared to individual portions. As an added advantage, it is simpler and more cost-effective for your restaurant to cook family meals than individual portions for every member of a family.

Adapt Your Restaurant to Survive the Pandemic

Covid-19 has caused a vast range of changes and challenges, particularly to the restaurant industry. However, by being creative and adaptable, you can help your restaurant to survive this pandemic.

Consider building a patio for outdoor seating, adding delivery and takeout to your services, and cooking family meals at a reduced cost to make it much more likely that your restaurant will thrive even during this difficult time.