Market Intelligence Tool

Features of a Good Market Intelligence Tool

Every business relies heavily on marketing, and market intelligence tools are valuable when developing marketing strategies. With the work being done in marketing evolving at an ever-increasing speed, marketers can no longer afford to hold onto conventional methods that may have been good in the past. Below is a list of these features that will better your market intelligence software.


Scalability is a critical feature because the pace of business change is high, increasing by leaps and bounds every day. If you cannot accommodate changes in your software quickly, it would mean using outdated methods that severely limit your business’s usefulness, customer satisfaction, and longevity.


A market intelligence tool should be able to run queries very fast and deliver the information back to you as quickly as possible to make decisions faster than your competition. A slow system will put your business behind and make it difficult for you to compete in an increasingly fast-paced marketplace adequately. Therefore, a good tool is to quickly find, analyze and use information related to the market trends you are interested in: speed is critical because the market changes very fast. If you cannot keep up with it, you may lose your customers.

Easy to install

The market intelligence tool needs to be easy for your staff to install and optimized for the correct workflow. If you have a non-technical administrative staff, your software will have the most success if its installation is effortless and is not intimidating. That will also keep them on task and engaged in using it.


Cost-effectiveness is a vital feature because it is getting more challenging to run a successful market intelligence system by the day. With the economic downturn, it is expensive to build this software, and you want to make sure that it is worth the money.

Further, staff should be able to use the tool and access the insights. That will allow them to make better decisions, increase their productivity and provide better customer service. Therefore, a good marketing intelligence tool should allow you to maximize your product prices and simplify the steps of discovering the state government technology leads in your area.


There are several merits of using a cloud-based platform instead of other platforms. These advantages include reduced maintenance costs and increased flexibility. The cloud-based platform allows users to access the software in real-time and scale as needed. It will also allow you to adjust your system for easy, completely automated updates.

The market intelligence tool is becoming a fundamental tool for companies to assess their competitive environment and adjust themselves to the given trends. However, it is vital to find the right one that will suit your needs and provide great insights.