Renewable Energy

How Your Small Business Can Support Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a good option for all small businesses. Investing in renewable resources benefits your bottom line through lower utility bills and increased business. Sometimes, though, it can feel like the investment isn’t worth the time. When there’s already power, why make a change? Switching to renewable energy can be far easier and less expensive than you might think.

Easy Renewable Energy Options

The fastest and easiest way to make a change is through independent power companies like Verde Energy that use the existing infrastructure to deliver renewable energy to your business with the signing of a contract. You have no additional costs and nothing has to be installed, making it a great option for businesses that lease their premises. These independent providers are available where competitive utility markets are open. They work by adding the amount of electricity you use to the complete supply of electricity available, ensuring that the power is from renewable sources like wind, solar and biomass. The more homes and businesses that use competitive green energy, the more the total energy supply comes from renewable energy.

Another option is investing in renewable energy certificates, or RECs. If you don’t have the option of choosing your electrical provider, you can still go green by purchasing RECs. These certificates are sold by green energy providers and are a credit for the electricity they generate. Buying RECs is really the only way to show you are using 100 percent clean energy unless you use one of the following options.

Involved Renewable Energy Options

To really reap the cost-savings side of renewable energy, you need to be ready to make an upfront investment in renewable energy. Besides saving money for your business in the form of utility bills, you’ll also create an energy source that doesn’t rely on the aging grid for your power. With a battery backup, your business can keep running while your neighbors are waiting for the power to come back on.

For much of the country, the most obvious renewable resource is solar power. A solar system pays for itself within approximately seven years for most businesses, and on average, your small business will save about three-quarters of its power bill, but in places with lots of sun, like the Southwest and Hawaii, a solar system might provide your business’s entire electrical needs. Solar battery technology has expanded to the point where your business can keep the power on overnight and during storms without a blink. Many states offer grants and tax benefits for businesses to go solar.

Don’t limit your ideas to solar energy. If you’ve got space, installing a wind farm is a great addition to your power supply. Even biomass technology is advancing and soon you’ll be able to use the waste you generate to power your business. Biofuels are already a terrific way to get your business vehicles around. If you have a fleet of vehicles, explore your biofuel options.

There is always a way to run on clean energy. Support a cleaner environment and energy independence in whatever way works best for your business.