sms marketing

The Benefits of SMS Marketing

Effective marketing is essential for start-ups, national businesses and multi-national enterprises but finding the right marketing techniques for your brand can transform your company’s performance and boost your ROI. For growing businesses, there is one lucrative marketing method that’s often overlooked: SMS marketing. To find out why this type of marketing should be on your radar, take a look at these five benefits of SMS marketing now:

Target Any Demographic

There are more than six billion smartphone users worldwide, with approximately six million more expected to transition to smartphone usage every year. With nearly 80% of the global population using smartphones, you can use SMS marketing to target any demographic. Whatever type of business you’re running or whatever markets you’re targeting, you’ll find it easy to reach your desired audience via SMS.

High Open Rates

In addition to being widely used, people tend to react to smartphone notifications more quickly than other types of contact. While users may not set an alert for every email that lands in their inbox, they’re much more likely to have SMS notifications set up, which may account for the high open rate associated with text messages.

Open rates as high as 98% have been recorded, which shows just how effective this type of marketing can be. Once you’ve launched your campaign, you can be confident that virtually your entire target audience will see your message.

Fundraising Integration Options

SMS marketing can be used for a variety of purposes, including generating website traffic and increasing brand awareness, but it’s also a viable tool for fundraising. Take a look at how easy it is to integrate WinRed fundraising software with the Tatango SMS marketing platform to discover how to elevate your campaigns. Whatever you’re raising funds for, integrating specialist software with SMS marketing functionality enables you to reach your audience and obtain donations 24/7/365.

Instant Delivery

When you send marketing text messages, there’s no delay in how long it takes for your content to get to the recipient. In most instances, messages are received instantly, which makes SMS marketing perfect for delivering time-sensitive content. If you’re launching a limited-time promotion or rewarding customers on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, the delivery speed of SMS content will ensure that your target audience receive your content quickly and efficiently.

Avoid Spam Filters

Although email marketing remains a popular form of B2C and B2B marketing, the increasing use of spam filters mean that many of these emails are never even opened. In contrast, people tend to be less proactive about blocking numbers from contacting them via their phone. Due to this, you can overcome the challenges that arise with other types of marketing to boost your open rates and generate more engagement.

Launching SMS Marketing Campaigns

With the right software, drafting, launching, and monitoring an SMS marketing campaign is easier than ever. Simply create inspiring and enticing content, tap into your database and send bulk messages in seconds. Whether you’re running local, national, or global campaigns, SMS marketing can become one of the most important and lucrative aspects of your strategy.