A Guide To Build An Unforgettable eCommerce Brand

Have you ever imagined that 40% of worldwide Internet users have bought a product online from an eCommerce business or store?

eCommerce, one of the most discussed terms of the 21st century has been the cause of success for multiple companies. There is no reason why we can deny that eCommerce is just mere hype. Whether it is shopping online or buying groceries, a brand’s eCommerce provisions always have a great impact on our natural choice.

This article provides insights to businesses that thrive to have a memorable eCommerce brand. This guide follows a structured approach for better understanding. Go on to read it and start your Branding journey now!

What Is An eCommerce Brand?

An eCommerce brand is nothing but influencing Leads into potential customers. Branding does not involve just a superficial logo and a catchy tagline, it’s about setting your company’s culture and products as per public popularity.

It is a brand management technique to dominate a particular domain and successfully climb the corporate ladder.

Why Should Your Company Adapt To eCommerce?

With the advent of the Internet, the world is adapting to newer methods and means for convenient transactions and fast -browsing. Research suggests that a vast and major section of contemporary society has transitioned to eCommerce platforms. Constructing an eCommerce platform has become vital for a company’s growth and success.

Robust branding bridges customers to your brand in the competition, therefore, giving you an advantage over your rivals. People tend to bookmark well-designed eCommerce websites. Ensuring a great brand also builds up trust amongst your customers and they stick with your brand in tough times as well.

The Four Pillars Of Building A Successful eCommerce brand 

We’re living in a world of a billion companies and brands aiming to reach the zenith. In order to make your company stand out, you need to follow a set of advised principles and techniques that have profited well-known known-firms to date. To discover and articulate your brand, you need to take some efforts and firm decisions. Incorporating the four Vs is extremely important for your firm’s success. Your company branding and marketing rests on these pillars


Vision and Mission are the two points that can either attract or repel customers. For your company to be inviting, there should be a vision to guide it. Vision speaks about your company goals and achievements. It should be impactful, not wealthy.

  •  How Can You Discover Your Vision?

     Firstly, time travel to the founding year of your company. Try to remember the main aim behind the company’s foundation. Why was this whole setup? Why did you venture into that particular domain? What were the founding principles? All these questions surely have a concrete answer and that concatenated answer shall be your vision.

  • Describe A Sample Vision.

    A Company’s vision needs to be crisp and short. It should be explained in layman’s terms and should be structured. By keeping these three guidelines into

consideration, you will be able to draft the perfect Vision to be showcased to your customers.


Values and Work culture guide your company and influence your customers. A company having a subtle culture is to be respected and trusted by all.

Let’s work through this with the help of a short case study.

Infosys has established its name in the IT industry not only in India but in the global village as well. Its Chairman Emeritus, Mr. Narayan Murthy explains the result of this vast success as an outcome of great company values. Hearing this from a renowned person makes it evident that values determine a company’s clientele growth.

To find  your core values, answer these three questions :

  • What are your three main priorities?
  • What are your rival brands doing?
  • What do the customers perceive of your brand?


Having a voice in this fast-growing world seems to be pretty important. Just like every person has a distinct voice, a brand should have one too. Brand Voice is how your company leverages its clients to have a fruitful community and attract more people. Your voice must be unforgettable and consistent, so you don’t confuse your target audience. Voice makes you perceivable and humanizes your brand.

Mailing weekly newsletters and updates keep you connected with your customers. This creates an identity of your company and they tend to recommend your firm to their peers and family. This technique is used by multiple organizations that have tasted success.


Visuals are the call to action and hooks of your brand. Brand Visuals are the symbols associated with your organization. All your company visuals should be lucrative and they should for your company. A successful company needs to have the following categories of visuals :

  1. Logo

     It is the face of your organization. The international community has accepted 7 types of logos, of which the most common types are the Wordmark and Lettermark, primarily symbolizing the company name.

    There are many ways to divide categories, and the lines are often blurred, but whichever type you choose, make sure your logo is unforgettable. The whole point of a logo is to represent a visual mnemonic cue.

  2. Typography     

     It is said that your handwriting and font represent your company’s nature. Typography deals with the appearance and   style of your company content. Font drives people’s perceived men and behavioral ability. Some of the commonly used fonts and their interpretation are listed below

  • Serif Family: It is generally used in Logos and websites. This font is mostly for formal purposes and documents. The font family symbolizes sophistication and reliability.
  • Sans-Serif: This font-style signifies modernization and Geometrical patterns with a touch of trustworthiness. It is suggested to be used in supporting text on websites here and there.
  • Script: Having its roots in calligraphy, Script Font Family glorifies elegance and beauty at its best. These fonts are used sparingly for their eye-catching glare.
  1. Colour
    Selecting the right color combinations helps you to connect emotionally with your clients. They evoke various psychological responses from us. The survey suggests that effective use of colors can increase client traffic by 80%.


Brand Commercing can not only help you boost sales but can also build up a strong clientele for a bright future. eCommerce has been a boon in disguise for companies and has helped a thousand stores. Adapting to such means has become a must for a company to bloom. With the help of the best eCommerce development company, build an unforgettable eCommerce Brand.

Lastly, it is an important thing to understand is that success doesn’t come to those who do different things, it reaches those who do things differently.