4 Tips for Spreading Awareness for Your Business

If you have recently embarked on a new journey of entrepreneurship, you might have a lot of questions about what to do next. Once you have come up with a business plan and secured funding from Lendified to get going, you need to figure out how to get your services or product on the market. The more awareness you build in your target demographic increases the potential for sales, ultimately leading to business success. Here are a few tips for promoting your new business.

Use Google Business

Setting up a Google Business profile is an easy way to get more exposure to your company. You can use the Google post feature to set up new promotions, or you can upload photos or your product or services for interested individuals to look through. You may want to post some FAQs to help educate the public on what you offer.

Create Exclusives

Keeping current customers loyal is just as important, if not more, than trying to attract new business. Using email lists or online campaigns, offer customers exclusive access or previews to new products. You could create a pre-launch party on-site, or you could send out special invitations inviting customers to be a part of a VIP experience on the day your new product will be put on the shelf. Always work to keep your loyal customers feeling appreciated.

Rely on Social Media

Consumer trends show how important social media has become in a marketing strategy. In addition to using these platforms to post informative content and high-quality photos, you can use social media to set up contests and giveaways to attract more attention. On average. A Facebook contest will generate about 34% new fan involvement with each campaign. Facebook ads are another affordable way to use social media to reach your target audience.

Send Emails

Statistically, about 82% of shoppers will open a business email, with just shy of 50% of these individuals making a purchase after viewing a promotional email. Email marketing doesn’t have to look boring and dry. Use a newsletter format to keep things interesting, highlighting upcoming specials or product releases. You can also use a newsletter to post customer reviews or bio information on staff and management.

Getting your name out in the community doesn’t always mean spending a lot of money on advertising. Using social media channels and paying attention to your consumers will start to generate interest in ways that your bottom line will appreciate.