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How to Save Money for a Down Payment on Your First Home

Buying a home is never cheap, and depending on the geographical location, a home that might normally cost $200,000 is now $300,000. That’s a lot of money for anyone,  even those with a well paying job such as medical scribes at If you’re looking to buy your first home in the near future, here are 4 tips for saving money in advance.

Start Making a Budget

You don’t stand much hope of saving enough money for a down payment without first making a budget to stick by. This will need to include everything your currently pay for: gas, car payments, subscriptions, electricity, rent, food, entertainment, and anything else you might be dropping dollars on. Take the time to figure out where you might be able to cut back on certain expenses and allocate your spending accordingly.

If you can successfully create a budget and stick to it, you’ll be well on your way towards browsing Zillow for your new home.

Make Sacrifices

If you’re making a budget, sacrifices will probably need to be made. This might mean you can’t go shopping for fun for a while, or perhaps you’ll need to stop ording food online and prepare it yourself. You may have to rely on free or cheap entertainment for an extended period of time, cancel a few subscriptions, or push back a planned vacation.

It won’t be easy, but when you’re relaxing in your new home, it’ll all be worth it.

Move Back Home

It can feel a little degrading when you move back home with your parents while others your age are moving into their first personal house, but doing so might prove extremely beneficial. Not having to pay for food or rent will allow you to quickly save up bundles of money that can be used as a hefty downpayment.

It may not be as easy to do if you’re buying a house with a partner, but if you can manage to make it work, you’ll both be able to move out of your parents’ houses in no time.

First-Time Homeowner’s Loans

You’ve likely heard about the need for a twenty percent down payment whenever you wish to buy a home, but that’s not always the case. For first-time home buyers, saving up that amount of money can take an extremely long time, but there are many loan programs that you may qualify for that allows first-time homeowners to put down ten, five, or even zero percent on their first house.

Whether you’re looking into an FHA loan, a VA loan, an MHDC loan, or one of many others, these make purchasing your first home much more manageable.