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Why You Should Ditch the Storefront and Go Remote

Covid-19 paved the way for remote companies in an emergency capacity but the success of remote working is keeping them around. Both owners and workers are noticing the benefits of fully remote companies, so here are a few reasons you should take your company remote.

Happier Employees:

There’s no doubt, the Great Resignation is upon us. Americans are leaving their jobs at high rates and searching for better conditions all around. With forced shutdowns in many areas, workers had a chance to reassess their work-life balance and they found their typical situations to be lacking.

Remote companies give employees what they need. Remote schedules offer flexibility in working hours, attire, and location. Digital nomads are becoming wildly popular and remote jobs allow Americans to live wherever they’d like so long as they complete their tasks. Even if workers want to stay put in one place, remote working cuts down on travel time and other additional expenses Americans face to simply go to work.

Benefits to Owners:

Remote companies aren’t just good for employees, but business owners as well. Going virtual is cost saving in so many ways, simply by foregoing a storefront. No rent, insurance, amenities, cleaning costs, maintenance, not to mention remodeling every few years. In addition to avoiding the construction barricades and long wait times for materials, going remote saves time in the car. No more traffic jams or questionable driving conditions and having to make that call for the employees. Your commute is simply to your home office.

A benefit we rarely think about in terms of a remote office is the size of the talent pool. Remote options allow employers to cast a nation-wide net instead of whatever is available in the area. Remote employees can give insight to local trends and spread the name of the company across the country. Remote workers also take less sick leave and are more productive on a daily basis. They lack the distractions of the office and desire to milk every minute of time.  Also, because workers are allowed flexibility to meet their needs, they are more willing to work outside of contract hours to make sure their job is complete. 

Flexible/Shared Spaces Available

If you’re still having a hard time cutting ties to the formal office, just remember, flexible office spaces are always available for rent. You can utilize individual offices, community work spaces, and conference rooms for any meetings that just need to happen face to face.

Long story short, the benefits outweigh the risks and it’s time to take the leap and adjust to modern times.  Employees will be happier, you’ll have a wider talent pool to choose from, and lower storefront costs. Don’t be afraid to make the switch!