Employee Monitoring

3 Employee Monitoring Solutions That Can Make An Employer’s Life Easier

With workplace vices like data leakage and misuse of digital privileges becoming increasingly common, you as an employer may find yourself left with only one solution, i.e. to monitor your workforce closely. This might not be physically possible, especially if you have a relatively big workforce, which is why it is best to use employee monitoring solutions. These easy-to-use tools have proved to be helpful in getting the maximum output from employees and keeping them in line merely by discouraging or even preventing them from abusing their access to technology like internet, smartphones, and PCs at workplace. There is a variety of employee monitoring solutions available these days, but only a handful of them are truly capable of delivering desirable results, in our opinion of course. So without further ado, let’s take a look at these top monitoring solutions that are more than capable of making your life as an employer much easier.


When it comes to employee monitoring, StealthMate, available for download at www.stealthmate.com, is easily one of the best product in the market. What makes it a must-have tool for employers is that it not only increases the productivity of employees and boosts business profits, but also mitigates the risk of crooked practices that can harm the business in any way. Unlike most employee monitoring tools, StealthMate supports all popular platforms including Android, iPhone, Windows, and BlackBerry.


  • Protects the intellectual property of business by keeping tabs on the online activities of employees
  • Improves work efficiency of employees by discouraging them from wasting time on surfing the web, excessive texting, or non-work related calls
  • Discourages data leakage, and helps in catching those responsible for it
  • Logs keystrokes to keep employers updated on just how active employees are during work hours
  • Takes screenshots after regular intervals to let employers know whether employees are working or wasting time
  • Generates detailed reports that are helpful in evaluating the performance of employees
  • Identifies disloyal employees by monitoring the digital behavior of employees
  • Reveals the exact location of employees to make sure they are exactly where they are supposed to be.
  • Increases employee productivity by keeping them from misusing company-owned devices
  • Safeguards business interests by minimizing risk of crooked practices
  • Keeps the company prepared to avoid litigation


FlexiSPY is a blessing for all those employers who are worried about the poor performance of their employees. Its advanced features along with user-friendly controls make it a perfect choice for employers. It is compatible with Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Nokia Symbian.


  • Prevents data theft and leakage by keeping an eye on the emails sent and received by employees
  • Saves the browsing history of employees to get an idea of websites they visit frequently
  • Reduces idle time by keeping tabs on 15 instant messengers
  • Helps in monitoring mobile workforce remotely by tracking their exact location
  • Monitors and records phone calls to make sure employees are not wasting time on non-work related calls or communicating with competitors
  • Creates simple yet comprehensive reports that can be used to carry our internal investigation on any issue


mSpy is a well-known employee monitoring solution that does a remarkable job of keeping tabs on employees to make sure they do not waste time online. It works on all popular platforms, including Windows, Android, iOS and Mac OS.


  • Blocks time-wasting and non-work related websites so that employees focus on work
  • Saves a copy of emails sent and received by employees to detect and prevent data theft
  • Acts as eyes of employers by taking screenshots after regular intervals
  • Makes sure employees do not waste their time on social media
  • Also acts as a keylogger, allowing employers to intercept words and phrases entered by the employees using device keyboard