What You Need To Know About Corporate Gifting

Giving thought to the methods used for showing value and respect for business connections can be a worthwhile endeavor. Considerate recognition, attention to other events, and a carefully devised meaning can enhance appreciation for treasured relationships.

Choose Thoughtful Gifts

Gifts to clients should be well-thought-out and a distinctive reminder of the corporate bond. Sweet treats are a popular choice, such as customized corporate cookies Atlanta, but so are healthy alternatives, including gourmet fruit bouquets wrapped with a ribbon bearing the company’s logo.

Living gifts, such as plants, flowers, or seed packets, are admired by many. Customers with a black thumb or those who do not enjoy caring for plants may prefer an air plant. Such plants require very little maintenance but bring all the beauty of their higher maintenance counterparts.

Timing Is Everything

The holiday season is a busy time for gift-giving, but to get noticed, think about other occasions that are significant for the client. Show customers appreciation for accomplishments and send congratulations for personal celebrations, including weddings and new family members.

Surprising clients with gourmet popcorn on National Popcorn Day or sushi on International Sushi Day can make an impact as well. A plethora of national food holidays and other special days exist, allowing for almost endless possibilities. There are usually no expectation for gifts on such days, which only makes the novelty more meaningful.

Send the Right Message

There was a time when the most expensive corporate gift was best, but that has changed. Many clients may be more interested in economical services and products than elaborate offerings. Employees, particularly those doing without a bonus, may feel unappreciated in light of expensive presents to customers. Keeping customers as well as teammates happy can be crucial to a business.

The message that you want to send to your clients is that you appreciate their business and want to continue working with them. Whether you send a simple card or customized swag, your clients will feel appreciated. The point is to stay connected both professionally and personally. When a client knows you care about them individually, they will develop more trust in you and your company.

It may be time to reexamine corporate gifting practices. Look at your budget and your clients’ needs and interest, and think outside the box when looking for the right item. Finding a balance between what and when to give and the perceived message can be well worth the effort.