Types of PPE

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm and this has led to a shortage of numerous types of medical supplies. Because this novel virus is able to be transmitted through the air, it is highly contagious. This makes taking the right protective precautions paramount. One of the most important tools that medical providers have in their fight against this invisible enemy is called personal protection equipment, which is usually shortened to PPE. Understanding the types of PPE will help everyone stay safe.


The first type of PPE that everyone can use is a gown. A medical gown usually ties in the back. It has sleeves that cover the arms completely. The cuffs are tight around the wrists to prevent anything from sliding up the sleeves. In order to remain sterile, most people who put on a gown have to have someone else tie it. It is important to make sure the gown goes from the neck to the ankles in order to provide the right amount of protection.


Gloves are an important part of PPE. There are numerous types of gloves. While latex gloves used to be the most common, some people have a latex allergy. Therefore, there has been a shift in favor of nitrile gloves. These are different from surgical gloves, which come in sterile packages. Whenever someone is working with patients, particularly those exposed to the virus, they need to wear gloves in order to stay safe.


Finally, it is critical for everyone to wear masks as well. The virus can be transmitted both through bodily secretions as well as via the air. Therefore, people can inhale the virus and become infected. To prevent this from happening everyone has to wear a mask. The best type of mask to prevent infection with this virus is called an N95 respirator, which provides the strongest barrier protection against airborne pathogens. When possible, people should change masks between patient rooms.

Find the Right PPE

These are the most common types of PPE; however, all of these categories come in various shapes and forms. Everyone has to make sure they are using the right PPE in order to stay safe on the front lines. When everyone bands together and works as one to fight against this virus, we have a better chance of being s