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The Essential Items You Need in Your Art Studio

Whether you’re a full-time artist or a hobbyist, having some essential items in your art studio will allow your creativity to flow more easily. Keep everything organized so you can walk in the door and begin creating immediately. The last thing you want is a messy studio that you want to avoid. Here are some items every art studio should have to allow for maximum creativity and organization.

A Rolling Cart

Keeping your heavily used supplies, such as brushes, paper towels, mark-making tools and paint, on a rolling cart with swivel casters can allow you to move around your studio with ease. A cart can help you keep these items organized and easy to find each time you walk into the studio. Instead of wasting time finding supplies, all you have to do is roll your cart over to the current canvas or board you’re working on and get started.

Painting Surfaces

This may seem obvious, but you have to have a large supply of paper, canvas or board to create art. Experiment with a variety of substrates to determine what you prefer to paint or draw on. Each artist has preferences which leads to their unique artistic expression. Keep each type of surface stored together so you know when you’re running low and need to order more.


Having different sized brushes can allow you to create various effects and strokes as you create your art. Keeping brushes organized is crucial if you’re a mixed media artist. Watercolor brushes should be kept separate and only used for watercolor, while acrylic and oil brushes should also be stored together.


Gather as many containers as you can, from food containers to mason jars, to hold water, brushes, mixed media supplies and pencils. Keeping similar items in each container can help you stay organized.

Good Lighting

Natural light is best for creating artwork because the colors are the most clear and accurate. Place your work space by a large window and create during the day to take advantage of the natural light you have available. If you have to work at night or don’t have large windows available, consider purchasing a table lamp with a daylight bulb to help you see your colors well.

To allow for maximum creative flow in the studio have these necessary supplies readily available. Have a clean-up routine after each art session so you can enjoy creating in a clean and efficient studio space.