How To Be A Better Writer

The human mind is like an ocean of knowledge; no matter how much you toss into it, there is always going to be room for more. The same principle applies when you are in the pursuit of write an eBook, and remember, there is always room for improvement. Think of it this way, you are now classified as a successful writer, but there is always going to be the last missing piece of the puzzle that you are still trying to locate. The persisting question that most writers tend to ask is that how can one be better? How can one attain the summit of perfection when it comes to writing? The answer is rather simple and it is practice. Practice makes perfect and to slightly borrow from T. H. Palmer, “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.”


It takes a great deal of patience for one to achieve greatness, and when that happens, the second challenge tends to summon which is how to maintain your greatness? A writer needs to keep in mind that creativity is a potent element required for the art of writing. Writing is not just a play of words, but it is rather a craft that needs to be perfected with time. Time can take its toll on most people, but the ones who have the capacity to endure it, and capitalize upon it then they are already on their way to success. Something is better than nothing, and good can always be great. Now, the pertaining question is that how can one become a better writer? With a few simple steps, anyone can master the art of writing, but all that is required is practice and persistence. So, let’s look into a few things that can start you on your journey of becoming a better writer.


If you think that writing is a process that can be mastered overnight then that is where you are wrong. Writing requires years and years of practice, and perfection doesn’t come that easily. Even the greatest writers of the past and of the present need to diligently practice their craft in order to maintain their writing essence. To begin with, you must be a great reader to become a great writer. What happens when you read rigorously? You do not only expose yourself to different ideas, but you are able to formulate and circulate various ideas for yourself. If you are in the pursuit of writing a book based on family affairs then you need to read works composed by Anton Chekhov and William Shakespeare’s King Lear. The aforesaid authors will allow you to think constructively, and come up with new ideas that can be utilized for your next New York Times Best Seller.

Analyze Mistake

When you talk about the great writers of history, you need to emphasize upon the facet that they were once walking in the same shoes as you. No one is born a writer, rather, one chooses to become a writer if he or she has a burning passion for writing. This might sound like an ordeal, but it is quite effective when applied. Try challenging yourself against writers that influence or inspire you. It may sound idealistic, but when you think about it, this particular practice allows you to focus upon your flaws and imperfections. You have a broader spectrum of analyzing your mistakes, and this way, you will be able to reflect upon them. Reflecting upon your mistakes as a writer not only paves the way for greatness, but it allows you to improve upon them.


Time is key, not just in the field of writing, but it is a paramount element of life that allows you to manage and construct your productive process. Schedule or designate a particular time slot for your writing everyday. When you allocate a certain time for your writing, you must vanquish all deviations and distractions that hinder your writing process. Even writing for less than 15 minutes everyday allows you to put yourself against the test of time. You will be able to identify your weaknesses and the areas where you lack creativity.

New Ideas

Lastly, be open to new ideas and genres. Do not limit yourself to one particular genre. If you wish to become like Stephen King then you must focus on his inspirations. Every writer has an inspiration and it is not necessary for you to stick to one style of writing. Experimentation is imperative when you are writing because that way you will be able to recognize your true creative potential. Set your standards, but never set your specifics; be open to everything. As a writer, consider yourself to be a bird which is standing on the precipice and just waiting to take flight. Metaphorically, we all have wings, but only a few of us manage to make good use of them and reach for the sky. A writer should always be like a bird, and no net should ever ensnare him or her. The sky is the limit.