property security

How to stop vandalism

Everyone deserves to feel safe around their homes and places of business. What you may, unfortunately, encounter either at your home or business is vandalism. Many think you cannot prevent this. However, there are plenty of ways that you can.

Anti-loitering alarm

An anti-loitering alarm is one of the best ways for you to prevent any vandalism to your property. This is an alarm that emits sound at a high frequency. The aim of this is that as you get older, your ability to hear high-pitch frequencies starts to diminish. So, if it is younger people that appear to be targeting your property, an anti-loitering alarm is the perfect vandalism-preventing device for you. This will stop vandalism before it has even begun and means you no longer have to worry about vandalism occurring to your property, even when you are not there to deal with it.

Security lights with motion sensor

Another great way for you to prevent vandalism to your property is to install some outdoor security lights with motion sensors. These will pick up on any motion outside your property, so every time someone walks past it or comes up to your property, the lights will turn on, and as this will make them more visible, it will deter them from vandalizing the building.

Security cameras

Getting security cameras is another option for you to prevent vandalism. If the vandals can see the cameras, this may deter them from vandalizing your property as they know they will be caught on camera and may be arrested. Even if they cannot see the security cameras, you will be able to see them based on the footage the camera catches and can stop them in their tracks. There is also the option to get security cameras that will send a notification through to your phone whenever someone is standing outside your property, and you are also able to talk to them directly from your phone and for them, even the thought of someone being inside the property at that moment, even if no one is there, is sure to get them to hastily walk away.

Make your property difficult to access

Easy targets for vandalism are often seen as those whose property is easy to get to. However, if your property is difficult for anyone to get them, this can easily deter vandals from getting anywhere near your property. This can be done by installing security fences, gates, or even planting bushes in strategic places along the perimeter of your property to prevent criminals from going anywhere near it. The harder it is for them to get to your property, the less likely they are to vandalize it.

Is there anything else you can do to prevent vandalism?

The best way for you to prevent vandalism in the first place is to make your property as secure as possible so they cannot get to it. However, if, for whatever reason, you are not able to do this and your property does get vandalized, the best option, in this case, is to remove the vandalism as soon as possible. Vandals love for their vandalism to be noticed, and by removing what they have done, no one will be able to see it. Even if they do keep coming back in the hope of being able to show off their work, as long as you keep removing it, they will soon get bored and leave you alone.