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7 Essential Applications to Boost Your Child’s Remote Learning Experience

Remote learning has become an integral part of education in recent years, and parents are constantly searching for the best tools to help their children succeed. With numerous applications available to facilitate remote learning, it can be difficult to know which ones will truly benefit your child. This article highlights seven essential applications that will not only help your child in remote learning but also make the process more engaging and enjoyable.

Khan Academy: A Comprehensive Learning Platform

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization that offers free online courses in various subjects, including math, science, and humanities. With its easy-to-understand video tutorials and interactive quizzes, Khan Academy can help your child master challenging topics in a fun and engaging manner. Plus, the platform’s casino online us feature provides an entertaining way for children to practice their newly acquired skills through interactive games.

Duolingo: Language Learning Made Enjoyable

Duolingo is a free language learning application that makes the process of learning a new language enjoyable and accessible. The app uses a gamified approach to help users learn vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. It offers numerous languages to choose from and provides personalized lessons based on your child’s progress, ensuring a comprehensive language learning experience.

Google Classroom: Organize Assignments and Collaborate with Peers

Google Classroom is an essential application that simplifies the process of managing assignments and collaborating with classmates. This free tool allows students to access and submit assignments, receive feedback from teachers, and engage in group discussions. Parents can also stay informed about their child’s progress by receiving notifications about upcoming assignments and grades.

Brainly: A Peer-to-Peer Learning Community

Brainly is a social learning platform where students can ask questions and receive answers from their peers. With a vast community of students and experts, your child can quickly find answers to their questions and gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter. In addition, the platform’s integration with allows users to explore engaging educational games, making learning even more enjoyable.

Quizlet: Master Any Subject with Flashcards and Study Tools

Quizlet is an invaluable resource for students looking to improve their understanding of various subjects. With its user-generated flashcards, quizzes, and study tools, Quizlet helps students memorize key concepts and test their knowledge. The app also offers a variety of study modes, including matching games and multiple-choice quizzes, which cater to different learning styles.

Evernote: Stay Organized and Take Effective Notes

Evernote is an indispensable application for note-taking and organization. Students can easily create, organize, and search their notes, making it easier to stay on top of their coursework. With Evernote’s annotation and collaboration features, students can also work together on projects and share notes with their peers.

Zoom: Seamless Video Conferencing for Virtual Classes

Zoom is a popular video conferencing tool that has become essential for remote learning. With its user-friendly interface, high-quality video and audio, and screen-sharing capabilities, Zoom enables students to attend virtual classes, participate in group discussions, and collaborate with their peers.


As remote learning continues to play a significant role in education, ensuring your child has access to the right tools is crucial for their success. By incorporating these seven essential applications into their daily routine, your child will be better equipped to navigate the challenges of remote learning and thrive in their educational journey. From mastering new subjects to staying organized and collaborating with peers, these applications offer a comprehensive and engaging remote learning experience.