startup business

How To Start Your New Office

Your company has grown out of the start-up in your home and you need to hire new employees to help with the increasing load. As you enlarge your staff, you will need a place for them to work. Here are a few steps to starting your new office. 

Where To Locate Your Office

When you begin to set up your company, you will need to determine where to have your office. You will want to compare whether it is less expensive to have your staff work from home or to have them come into your facility. List what the advantages of having them onsite would be before making this decision. Determine if you want to purchase a building or rent one and decide how much of a budget you can afford before having a realtor look for a space for you. Research which areas of your community will facilitate your business the best and find a place that has enough parking and is accessible for all of your clientele. 

Setting Up Your Space

Once you have signed a lease on a facility, you will need to purchase equipment for yourself and your employees. You can contact your local office supply store to see if they have used cubicles on hand for your large staff so that each of them has privacy as they work. Get desks for each space and chairs that are comfortable as well as ergonomically correct. Research what will be the best option for a computer for those that need one, whether it would be a laptop or a desktop system. If you intend to have communal software that multiple members of your company will use, you should also get a server to house it on or research cloud services to host it for you. Stock up on pens, copy paper, folders, and other items that your staff will need to do their tasks. 

Inform Your Customers

If you have a client base already, send out a notice telling them where your company is now physically located. While you can do this on your website and through an email, you will also want to send a letter or postcard as a tangible reminder. You can do this as a formal message or as a grand opening of your new facility. You should also send your new address to vendors that you may work with so that your product or invoices are sent to the correct place.