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Compare Prices Between Electric Companies

Life would be difficult without utilities. Water and sewer, cable television, telephone, and internet all make life easier and more fun. Very few things run without electricity. It’s an essential utility that can sometimes be expensive. But you need, so you just suck it up and pay the electric company whatever they charge each month, right? Not necessarily.

There are multiple electric companies and you can shop around to find the best one to fit your budget and your needs. Utility rates fluctuate periodically in most companies. Getting the best rate on a consistent basis involves research to find the contract that suits you best. Knowing which companies are out there is the key.


Slipper is a company based in Norway that does the work of finding the best electric company rates for you. There are 150 electric companies in Norway and sorting through all of the rates and contracts offered by each would be time-consuming and possibly frustrating. The staff at Slipper constantly monitors each Norwegian power company and is always informed as to where the best rates can currently be found. They continually find new contracts to keep your electric bills as low as possible. Slipper handles all of the details and paperwork and sends you a savings slip when a better deal is found. This lets you know how much you are saving.


Located in Sweden, Kundkraft is another company that takes care of the leg work of finding the best electric rates. Customers give Kundkraft their power of attorney to sign contracts with power companies. You can choose either a fixed or variable rate and Kundkraft does the rest. Electric companies are invited to an auction where they place bids, offering their best price to potential customers. Kundkraft chooses the lowest bid without fixed and signs a contract for you. Each year, the companies engage in bidding in a new auction and you get the lowest price available.


Just as in the other Scandinavian nations, Denmark has more than one power company. If you are environmentally conscious Natur-Energi may be for you. All of the electricity provided by this forward-thinking company is provided by wind turbines. It’s a green energy source with no carbon emissions. Denmark was the first nation in the world to build a wind farm in 1991. It is located offshore where the winds of the sea provide constant power to turn the blades and generate electricity. Natur-Energi was founded in 2008 and is dedicated to making Denmark 100% free of fossil fuels. If you want to go green, this is the company for you.

British Gas

Consumers in the UK also have many choices when it comes to electricity. British Gas offers fixed rates to lock in your price before price caps are increased. They are also dedicated to green power and offer discounts to customers who do things like install energy-efficient boilers to help lower the amount of electricity used each month. This is good for the environment and will further lower your energy bills. You can choose to have your electricity supplied by 100% green sources and British Gas also has electricians that will install a charging station in your garage should you decide to purchase an electric vehicle. This company can provide low rates, help you use less electricity, and help you stay green and help the environment.

Homes and businesses would have great difficulty functioning without electricity. Utility bills can be expensive. No matter where in Europe you live, there are multiple options and it pays to shop around. Whether you do so on your own or have a company do it for you, it is possible to get green, affordable electrical power to suit your daily needs.