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4 Tips for Spreading Awareness for Your Business

If you have recently embarked on a new journey of entrepreneurship, you might have a lot of questions about what to do next. Once you have come up with a business plan and secured funding from Lendified to get going, you need to figure out how to get your services or product on the market. The more […]

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COVID 19: 7 sports brands that have succeeded with their digital marketing

The global crisis derived from the coronavirus pandemic has represented a golden opportunity in terms of publicity for those companies that have known how to take advantage of the situation with the available resources. Some brands adapted, reinvented and made digital marketing their best ally in the face of the difficulties of the economic and […]

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How To Use Seo Techniques To Effectively Brand Your New Business

If you’re going to be an internationally renowned entrepreneur and business professional, you’ve got to constantly be thinking outside the lines of what constitutes “standard operating procedure.” Even a purely local business needs to advertise itself as if it were competing in a much expanded international market place. You’ve got to be always on the […]

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Developing A Successful Marketing Strategy

A successful marketing strategy forms the foundation of a marketing plan. It should pull from market research to offer the marketplace the right product mix. Ultimately, the purpose of a marketing strategy is to maximize profit. And the purpose of profit is to build a sustainable business. Despite the vital importance of a marketing strategy and […]

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5 Quick and Simple Small Business Marketing Tips

For most small business owners (like myself), actively marketing your business likely isn’t the most thrilling of tasks. Personally, I’ve been running my marketing company for 5+ years now and while I enjoy actively marketing other peoples’ businesses (that is what I do for a living, after all), I find marketing my own business both […]

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Just How Valuable is a Reputation?

It is hard to really quantify what a reputation actually is. You can be classed as giving birth to it, but it is what others do that will determine, to a large degree, how it ends up developing. A reputation, as any reputation management company will tell you, has a life all on its own. It […]

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