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Top 3 Rules for Managing a Public Relations Crisis

Businesses of all sizes will eventually face a public relations crisis, whether from an internal issue, defective product or a world event. Whatever the catalyst, experts like Declan Kelly, co-founder of the communications, strategy and consulting firm Teneo, have advice for handling and minimizing the potential fallout. Acknowledge and Apologize Once management is aware of the […]

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Keeping Your Sales Team Busy

Good telesales personnel are hard to find and retain. Their skills are in strong demand, so it is relatively easy for them to find work elsewhere. If you do not keep your telephone sales team busy, and earning commissions, they will soon go elsewhere. So to make them busy you must have to learn different […]

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3 Employee Monitoring Solutions That Can Make An Employer’s Life Easier

With workplace vices like data leakage and misuse of digital privileges becoming increasingly common, you as an employer may find yourself left with only one solution, i.e. to monitor your workforce closely. This might not be physically possible, especially if you have a relatively big workforce, which is why it is best to use employee monitoring […]

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The Importance of Online Customer Feedback

Thousands of businesses worldwide are advertising their services to the online world, with this comes the ability to expand at rapid rates as businesses are able to sell their products and services to a wider audience. Though expanding is a good thing, you are also leaving yourself open to more bad feedback since the customer […]

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Save Energy in Your Commercial Buildings With These 4 Tips

One of the main concerns that commercial building managers have is energy consumption. While it is necessary for daily business operations, there has to be a strong balance between its use and conservation to keep costs reasonable. Thankfully, there are a few measures you can enact to improve energy efficiency and keep these expenses low.  […]

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What You Need To Know About Corporate Gifting

Giving thought to the methods used for showing value and respect for business connections can be a worthwhile endeavor. Considerate recognition, attention to other events, and a carefully devised meaning can enhance appreciation for treasured relationships. Choose Thoughtful Gifts Gifts to clients should be well-thought-out and a distinctive reminder of the corporate bond. Sweet treats […]

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